10 Things to Tell Your Designer for an Effective Logo Design

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As a business owner, I have learned that a logo is a crucial part of any company’s identity. It is essential to communicate to the designer what my company stands for and how we want to be perceived by the public. Here are ten things I believe I should tell a designer about my company to help them develop a logo that accurately represents our brand:

  1. Our target audience: Who are we trying to reach with our products or services? It is essential to give the designer a clear understanding of our ideal customer, so they can create a logo that will resonate with them.
  2. Our company values: What values do we want to portray with our brand? Honesty, innovation, customer service, community involvement, etc.
  3. Our brand personality: Is our brand fun and playful, or more professional and sophisticated? Do we want to come across as authoritative, trustworthy, or approachable?
  4. Our brand message: What message do we want our logo to convey to the public? Are we focused on quality, affordability, luxury, or convenience?
  5. Our industry: What industry are we in, and what is our unique selling proposition? This information is vital as it helps the designer to create a logo that is specific to our business and its market.
  6. Our competition: Who are our competitors, and what do their logos look like? It is important to differentiate ourselves from the competition, and the designer can create a logo that stands out.
  7. Our company history: What is our company’s story, and how did we get to where we are today? This information can provide the designer with ideas for a logo that reflects our history or legacy.
  8. Our preferred colors: What colors do we want to be associated with our brand, and why? Certain colors have different meanings and can evoke different emotions.
  9. Our preferred typography: Do we want a more modern or traditional font for our logo? The designer can help us choose a font that fits with our brand’s personality.
  10. Our preferred logo style: Do we want a wordmark, lettermark, pictorial mark, or a combination of these? The designer can create a logo that suits our preferred logo style while still communicating our brand’s essence.

By providing the designer with this information, we can work together to create a logo that not only looks great but also accurately represents our brand to the public.


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