Why are We in Business?

Stories have been a big part of our family development and loyalty. It is what has always connected us throughout the years.

Dad was constantly telling us stories of the good old days. There seemed to be not a care in the world. However, dad’s job was soon downsized and a new story began.

Dad took his life savings an entrepreneurial spirit, and move his family to Southern Arizona. In the Gila Valley, he opened a small tire business hoping to pass it down to his children. Unfortunately, dad did not know how to market a business and he doors soon closed. His life savings were gone along with his hope.

Soon my dad found himself fighting against cancer. He now enjoys river fishing with his little brother and father in the rivers where giant rainbow trout constantly tug at your line and 8 point elk stand to watch.

Throughout the years, our family has acquired different skill sets that would have greatly improved dad’s ability to create a successful, thriving business. How we wish we could go back and help him build a that business.

Our ‘Why’ is so much more than financial gain. Our ‘Why’ is rooted deep in our souls. Our ‘Why’ is to help startup and mid-level businesses develop brands that attract customers, increase loyalty and grow profits. So they can spend more time with their family and pass on a legacy.

Ballard Branding is focused on the heart of America, the business owner.