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These testimonials show the impact that Ballard Branding has had on businesses and how our services have helped companies establish a strong and recognizable brand identity. Ballard Branding’s commitment to quality, expertise, and exceptional customer service is what sets us apart and makes us a trusted partner for businesses looking to establish a strong brand.

The Ballards can get more done than entire teams achieve elsewhere. Their calming presence belies the passion and intensity that burns within. 

David Riley

The Ballards helps support website revenues on shoestring budgets while explaining clearly every one of their steps so that even those with no marketing, development or design experience can understand what it is that they are accomplishing.

Frank Mansuetto

The Ballards have been an energetic and very professional in all the projects that they have taken on. Their business strategy has raised our sales despite the market dropping. They can handle the stress of new projects and maintains a very positive outlook within the office. The Ballards are great to have around.

Matthew Cronkhite

The Ballards always strive to deliver an effective, focused, and on-target product that fits the client’s needs and goals. They are creative, reliable, hard-working, and FUN! They work well in a collaborative team environment or individually. They are strong communicators, presenters, and listeners. With an eagle eye for detail, their work is second to none.

Carrie Heater

With years of experience in Business Strategy and Design, I would highly recommend the Ballards for any project.

Brian Adams

If you want someone who can come in and figure out what will make your company thrive and succeed in the short and long term, then give Ballard Branding a look. With a brilliant mind for seeing the big picture and putting together the strategy and procedures that will take any business to the next level. Ballard Branding can develop or take an existing brand to new levels. They bring a lot of energy to the team, are fun to work with, know what will work, and have the guts to try new things to make it even better.

Jason Kupiec

The Ballards always goes above and beyond. Every project they touch they make sure it is done the very best way possible. Even while managing projects for multiple brands, the Ballards is always are able to maintain a consistent, innovative, and reliable workflow. I am always impressed at their readiness to re-examine and improve strategies to make sure they are contributing to a company’s overall success.

Lowery Johnson

The Ballards are professional. There are companies with “Skill” however few companies bring as much “Heart” and “Passion” to their job as the Ballards. It was a daily pleasure working with them and their creative mind. Their experience in life and business added to the value of our company. I am happy to endorse Ballard Branding. Their experience, work ethics, and raw talent would be a vital addition to any company. 

Jason Mack

Ballard Branding is extremely talented. They have a great business mind; always looking to grow our business while still servicing other customers. I have worked on numerous projects and found them to be extremely professional, open-minded, and especially creative. I would recommend Ballard Branding for any new project! 

Gary B. West

Ballard Branding has incredible talents in the field of Marketing. They are very creative and work well with people. Ballard Branding managed every aspect of our companies marketing, including the sales support material and the web site. I would highly recommend the Ballards to any organization looking for marketing leadership.

Scott Hammond

Ballard Branding is a creative and marketing genius. I have worked with them for several years in two companies. They have been responsible for our corporate-wide look and feel (OLAF), as well as for all marketing strategy decisions and campaign creation, design and implementation. Ballard Branding branded our company to a successful acquisition and created all site architecture, design, and branding. Our company was rated as a “top five site” by and has received national attention in the media, appearing on NBC News in 12 major cities including LA, NY, Chicago, etc, ABC News, Fox TV,,, MSNBC, and many others. I recommend Ballard Branding highly.

Jonathan Black

Ballard Branding is one of the most creative and talented firms I have ever worked with. They have an innate ability to capture the essence of any idea and to crystallize that in his imagery. I give them my very highest recommendation as an incredibly talented and absolutely fabulous branding firm.

Brandon Call

Ballard Branding is a talented firm that has proven its value over and over again. From a finance angle, they always are doing their homework to ensure that they provide the very best value.

David Warwick

Ballard Branding has a knack for solving problems and making things happen. Ballard Branding has done work for my company in the past and their knowledge and expertise in web design, marketing, and graphic design is amazing. I would recommend Ballard Branding for any job with any company.

Matt Porter

The Ballards are forward-thinking and strategic senior marketing veterans who bring ideas, integrity, and results to the table. From conception to interactive, they are well versed in many different aspects in the marketing mix which enables them to meet challenges at the highest level.

Brent Diggins

I am always amazed at the quality of graphics and marketing campaigns the Ballards comes up with. They truly have a gift for creative design and marketing and would be an extremely valuable asset for any company/venture/team.

Brett Peterson

The Ballards mind works in such a complementary way to any business mind. They are a mix of an incredible amount of creativity with sensible business practices to formulate savvy marketing campaigns. I now call the Ballards for any creative pinch I find myself in.

Matt McGhie