YouTube’s Vice President of Global Content, Robert Kyncl, projected that video would soon drive 90% of all internet traffic. 

This is amazing! It might sound even crazy, but for Utah small businesses, videos will help connect them to their customers in a more educating and entertaining way.

With this projected spike Utah Businesses need to ask if they are ready to create quality videos and take advantage of this opportunity.

From my experience, most small businesses in Utah shy away from video for one of the following reasons:

  • They don’t believe they have the budget.
  • They don’t know what to make a video about.
  • They don’t have the equipment or time.


Fortunately Producing Videos Has Gotten Easier.

Times have changed. We live in an ever-changing world where producing videos is getting easier.

Reasons that held you back from making videos a few years ago no longer hold much weight.

Developing quality videos is no longer reserved for large companies. You too can create amazing compelling videos that engage your customers.

10 Reasons to Take Advantage of Video

1. Help Customers Understand Your Offering.

When people come into your store, you have the advantage of selling them your service or offering face to face. This increases your closing power and it has worked pretty well.

However, online things are different. You lose valuable face-to-face time. Making closing the sale that much more difficult.

That’s where videos help you step up your game and beat out your competitors. Videos allow you to explain things the same way you would in your store.

This allows your customers to get to know your personality and become bought into how you do business.

2. Create Videos that are Memorable.

How often do you remember a blog or article that you have read? Did you know that 80% of people remember videos that they watch online? 

Below are a few more statistics:

  • Videos provide a 74% increase in visitors’ understanding of a product
  • An average user spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds watching online video ads every month
  • 46% of users take action after viewing a video online
  • Your website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video
  • Videos included in emails increase click-through rates
  • Videos included in emails also see a 51% increase in conversion rates

That is a lot of great reasons to create a few company videos. We are living in a noisy world. Finding ways to stand out is vital.

Videos will help connect your brand to your customers.

3. Entice People to Purchase From You

The internet is a powerful tool that opens your reach to more prospective customers than ever before.

To engage with those customers, you need a strong video strategy.

Over 50% of all people that viewed a video went on to make a purchase.

Videos help close sales. If your competitors don’t have videos, now is your chance to pull ahead. If they do, well, you better get going.

4. Reach a Larger Demographic

Everyone loves videos. Videos are everywhere. 

If done thoughtfully videos can connect with several demographics.

Great educational videos will hit the mark every time.

5. Pay Attention

Mobile users stay attentive to video by almost twice as long as desktop users. 

As a result, you as a small Utah business owner should always have a mobile-first mentality. Your potential customer is looking for you while they are on their phone. You need to capture their attention with a powerful video. 

By creating an engaging local video about your product or service you will improve your brands connection to your Utah customers. 

6. Improves Click-Through Rates.

SEO data shows that 60% of marketers claim videos drastically increase their email conversion rates. We are talking even as high as 2-3x.

Wow! What would that do to your email marketing efforts? 

I am sure any small business here in Utah would love to see that kind of increase.

Introduce powerful videos to your email campaigns. Keep in mind these videos do not have to be complicated. Gone are the days of hardcore special effects. 

Just get your phone ready and give them the real you. Your authenticity will go a long way in today’s local communities. 

An amazing video to start out with is a thank you video. It is simple and it helps your customers know you appreciate their business.


7. Make it Personal.

You are a small business owner. You are passionate about your business and the services and offerings you provide. Let that come through on the camera.

You know why you are in business and you know why you are in business in Utah. Let people experience that.

Show your passion for what you do. Don’t be afraid to talk directly to the camera. Your passion is contagious.


8. Rank Higher in Search Engines.

What do you think is the second highest used search engine?

Nope. It is YouTube.

Even better it is owned by the largest search engine Google.

What does this mean?

By posting your videos on YouTube and sharing them on your website and social platforms you are increasing the value of that video. This means you will rank highly for keywords that you’d never be able to achieve through traditional SEO.

9. Share More than Just Business.

Be a friend on the internet.

Nobody likes a friend that just talks about themselves. This is a quick way to have people stop listing to you.

Talk about local Utah events, activities, or interests.

Become well known in Utah. Provide how-to videos tied to the interest of your market. Help people connect to your offering by giving rather than always selling.

This will help people see your brand as friendly and approachable.

10. Show off a Brand that People will Love.

People love to see and interact with the people behind a brand. Especially here in Utah.

Get your customers accustom to your face. When people become comfortable with you, they will trust you and stay with you.

When it comes down to it, video is a powerful tool to build your brand. When you harness the power of video marketing, you’ll improve your success.

Tell us your thoughts concerning video marketing.

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