Brand Development

Knowing your company is just the start. Now the daunting task of developing your brand comes next. Yes, it is more than a cleverly designed super neat logo. Brands are developed in the minds and hearts of customers and fostered through the collective experiences they have with a company. Consistency is the key to brand development. Every touch-point across all customer channels must be consistent with the companies identity while instilling confidence and loyalty with every interaction. To ensure this consistency, all employees, third-party vendors, and contractors should adhere to established brand guidelines.

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Ballard Branding will develop your brand guidelines, consisting of the following:

Brand Overview – History, vision, personality, and values of the brand

Brand Message – Mission statement

Logo Usage – Proper use of the logo

Color Palette – Primary and secondary color palettes

Type Style – Approved font details 

Image Style/Photography – Accepted photo examples of image style 

Copywriting Style – Established brand voice and tone

Company Presentation – Internal brand launch presentation